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Range of Products

Degreasing Chemicals (Potassium and Sodium based)

Lura Deruster

Derusting Solution (Phosphoric Acid based)

Quick Phos (Zn,Ni,Mn,Fe)

Phosphating Chemical Solution (Zinc, Nickel, Manganese and Iron)

Prem Regen


Jupisol 2 in 1 Single Degreasing and Derusting Solution

Jupisol 3 in 1

Single action, Degreasing, Derusting and Phosphating solution

Paint Strippers & Powder Coat Remover

For removing all types of Paint and Powder Coated Surfaces.

Lura Black Blackening Salt (Black Oxidising Salt) for Iron and Steel (for both cold and hot process)
Welding Black Spurt Remover and Brightening Solution
Removable & non-removable coating of different colours.
Grease Blaster & Dirt Blaster Industrial and Domestic Floor Cleaning Solutions
Universal All Stain Remover (etc) For Textiles & Garments
Cotton Spray Oil, Oil Grease & Rust Blasters

For Textiles & Garments

Jupiter Enterprises - the chemical industry manufacturing Anti - Corrosive, world class Metal Pretreatment, Phosphating and Speciality Chemicals.

Luramet CleanersLuramet Cleaners

A. Degreasing Salts, Soak Cleaners, Metal Cleaner, Anodic and Cathodic Cleaners - DGS I

Dilute 5% to 10% in water for Hot Process and 10% to 20% for
Cold Process
Room temperature of 30-35o C
5 to 15 minutes of immersion

B. Derusting Chemicals and Solvent Based Degreasing Chemicals for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals


1 part diluted with 2 parts of water
Room temperature of 30-35o C
5 to 15 minutes of immersion
Air bubbling recommended

C. Derusting Chemicals - DRC I
(Phosphoric Acid based Derusting Coating Chemical to give Rust Preventive Phosphate Coating on Ferrous Parts)
Dilute 1 part with 2 parts of water
Room temperature 30-35o C
5 to 15 minutes of immersion depending upon the severity of rust. (In case the rust is heavy, use conventional Hydrochloric Acid or Sulphuric Acid pickling)
Drain out excess chemical and directly air dry the part to get greyish-black phosphate coating on Ferrous parts, hence providing excellent bonding for paint and powder coatings

Jupisol 3 in 1 Jupisol 3 in 1

Prepare Three-in-One Chemical by mixing the following:-

1:2:2 Parts

Lightly rusted and lightly greased Ferrous parts can be immersed directly into the Three in One Chemical or swab with cloth soaked in Three in One Solution. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth
Room temperature 30-35o C
10 to 20 minutes of immersion
Wash in water and air dry or immerse without washing in DRC -I for 1 to 2 minutes followed by air drying to get blackish phosphate coating

Phosphating Chemicals

Phosphating Chemicals

1.Quick Phos 621: Hot Phosphating Chemical for seven tank process

Dilute 30 to 50 ml per litre (3 to 5 %)
Temperature 60oC to 90oC depending upon the coating required
5 to 15 minutes of immersion
PH about 2.5
For post treatment, dip in 0.2% Chromic Acid Solution
for 1 minute and air dry
Coating weight should be 10 to 12 gm / M2
2. Quick Phos 622: Cold Phosphating Chemical for seven tank process

Dilute 80 -100 ml per litre (8 to 10%)
Room temperature 30-35o C
15 to 25 minutes of immersion
PH: 2.5 to 3
Can be directly hot air dried or immersed in 0.2% Chromic acid for 1 minute and air dry.
No white powder forms in our Cold or Hot Phosphating Chemicals
No cleaning of bath is necessary

Rust Converter and Rust Blaster

3. Rust Converter and Rust Blaster

Arrests rusting: This advanced chemical formulation absorbs existing rust and converts them into black non corrosive coating/primer
Surface preparation: RC eliminates all surface preparation processes such as sand blasting, scrapping and acid pickling
Easy to use: RC can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. It is water based, non flammable and has low toxicity with a pot life of one year or more
Major Application Areas: Pipelines, pumps, storage tanks, chemical plants, cooling towers, overhead crane machinery, steel platforms, conveyors, material handling equipment, steel structures, steel reinforcement rods in R.C.C. structures, marine equipment, ship reinforcement rods and hull area ship repair equipment etc
Directions for Use:
Clean the surface free of loose rust, dirt or oil and any other contaminants
Wash the container thoroughly well before use
Shake the container well before use
Apply RC by brush or spray. It will dry and form into a black coating
Use water if thinning is necessary
Apply second coat after four or five hours
Painting can be done after 24 hours

Lubricant PowderLubricant Powder

Application: used in wire drawing plants for Ferrous and non Ferrous metals

Paint Strippers and Powder Coat Removers

(Paint Strippers / Paint Removers for Paint Stripping)

The new paints currently available in the market and the environmental requirements under operation have made paint stripping and powder coat removers more complex and difficult than before. Jupiter Enterprises can provide you with a paint stripper / paint remover product for every paint stripping operation including maintenance of floors and paint stripping equipment in your painting department. Paint stripping products for various substrates such as Aluminium, Ferrous metals and other surfaces. Jupiter Enterprises have extensive experience in supplying paint strippers for cleaning containers like TOTE or IBC tanker trucks.

A broad line of Paint Strippers / Paint Removers and Powder Coat removers complement Jupiter Enterprises strippable coating product lines. Both cold and hot tank paint strippers are available for paint stripping of paint over sprays, stripping and cleaning paint spills, paint spraying equipment, paint mixing equipment and flawed paint parts.

Black Oxide and Metal Blackening Chemicals from Jupiter Enterprises

Black Oxide and Metal Blackening Chemicals from Jupiter EnterprisesJupiter Enterprises manufactures both Cold and Hot BIackening processes. We can recommend the best method to meet your requirements.

Lura- Black 696 is a conventional Hot 139o C -145o C process which produces a true black iron magnetite finish and blue finish at 138o C. It is a premium grade salt mixture which will blacken a wider range of steel alloys than any other process in the market.

Instant Black 333 is the preferred room temperature blackening process for safe and conventional blackening. It produces a super deep blackening and corrosion resistance equal to hot blackness. It is an excellent non bleed out black finish for powdered metal and cast iron.

Black Oxide and Metal Blackening ChemicalsBlack Oxide and Metal Blackening Chemicals

Instant Black 561 for iron and steel
Instant Black for zinc, aluminium, and stainless steel
Hot Oxide Blackening

Rust Preventive Coating Solution

Neutral colour rust proofing coating for iron and steel
Colour coating solution, fast drying, easily removable by thinner or kerosene oil
Golden brown acid and alkali resistant, rust proofing coating solution, drying in one hour and non removable by solvents

Stainless Steel (SS Steel) 316 Etc Grade
Stainless Steel (SS Steel) 316 Etc Grade

Welding and Black Spurt Remover and Brightening Solution

Rust Vanish Guard -D

Rust removing and anti -rust coating solution for M.S. and steel fabrication
Rust removing, phosphating and passivation solution for iron and steel
Rust removing, phosphating and passivation for iron casting, steel casting, etc

Grease Blaster & Dirt Blaster Grease Blaster & Dirt Blaster

 Industrial and Domestic Floor Cleaning Solutions Grease Blaster and Dirt Blaster

For use in Floor Cleaning and Floor Cleaning Machines and Equipment

Our chemicals are Eco-friendly and a safe substitute for Chloro Solvents, i.e. C. T .C. and Trichloroethylene (T.C.E.), etc used for Degreasing in industries.



We are one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality Heamodyalisis Concentrates Fluid & Powder and also APARIN  Free Hemodyalisis Solution & Fine Powder.